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Naturalising your furniture (Buenos Aires)

Hi all,

I moved to Posadas, Misiones at the back end of Protected content . My furniture arrived in a container in January Protected content . I have been waiting for my permanent residency papers on the basis of being married to an Argentine national for the last 14 months, still waiting, however they say in the next couple of months (probably).

Anyway, the reason for the post is, when I moved here, it was a few months after my wife so my imporation of my furniture and personal effects was on my name linked to my residencia precaria. We therefore needed to use an insurance company and put a 'Seguro de Caucion' in place, which is basically an insurance policy to state that my importation is classed as temporary until I get my permanent residency. If I don't get it for any reason then I have to leave the country and take everything with me. If I do get it then the policy can be cancelled.

Apparently, we recently found out that Aduana/AFIP will use a process of 'Naturalisation' of my furniture. There may or may not be costs associated to this. This seems completely crazy as the furniture has been sat here in the mother in laws house here in Posadas since last January. But they (AFIP) may effectively fine me.

Does anyone know about this process? The original import agents were a bunch of cowboys who took the money and run and are now completely unresponsive to any calls or emails to get support.

I need to understand if there is indeed a process of naturalising furniture which is already here. The local Aduana people in Posadas know nothing about it, nor the process of cancelling the Seguro de Caucion saying that it must be a Bs. As. process.

I just dont want to be ripped or have to pay some ridiculous fine because of the cowboys who managed the shipment and delivery.

Hope you can offer some advice.



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