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Offering "Creative Skills for Innovation" training (Buenos Aires)

Hi everyone,

My name is Judith and I am currently visiting Buenos Aires for the next several months working on a little side project with my partner (video production of our own video documentary about Africa) and doing NGO work. I'd also like to use my spare time by offering trainings on "Creative Skills for Innovation" (or simply CSI) designed by the Stanford I have a strong academic background and ample work experience as an Account Manager and Online Media Associate at Google where I was also facilitating those CSI workshops to several groups between 5 and 30 people of different nationalities (German, UK, Danish, Spanish). I speak English, German and Spanish.

What is CSI?

During the so-called CSI:Lab we will apply Design Thinking, defined as a process for coming up with practical and creative resolutions to problems or issues for improved future results. The goal of a CSI Lab is to go from ill-defined problems to well-designed solutions. Design Thinking has 5 phases: Observe and Understand the Context, Define the Challenge, Identify Possibilities, Prototype and Visualize Drafts, Test Solutions. We will apply a user-centric, prototype-driven approach and really get our hands dirty to arrive at innovative solutions to whatever need you or your company has defined.

Who can profit from such a workshop?

Anyone! It even makes most sense to combine different departments of a company, such as engineering, global business, or project management to encourage the groups to collaborate and learn from each other’s experience.

Please check out my profile on LinkedIn for more information on myself and do drop me a line you have any questions:

Have a nice day!

Un saludo,


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