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OverLand Odyssey Chile~ Argentine Soon (Buenos Aires)

Hi folks,

Just joined the forum, and Oh what a feeling to dream about
Living Argentina and or Chile!

I'm Planning to ship my private vehicle ( A Toyota Hybrid vehicle, for excellent fuel mileage, possible Protected content per tank ) when I schedule my trip to Chile~Argentine this _Summer,=Northern Hemisphere season .

Do I face possible import tax for my vehicle to be used for travel?
How expensive is a full coverage Auto insurance in Argentina ~ Chile?
How long can I travel, Me/Car with my 1st time tourist visa, without renewing?
Is car theft rampant in the country? Can I go in and out every 3 months?
How much money in hand should I prepare to travel 3 months there,Approx
.figure will suffice. Has anyone living in Argentine has done a trip similar to what Iam about to embark?
Any advise from forum members,NOTE,Experience shared here,advertencia,etc.?
How easy to "unlock" my US cell phone and slip in an Argentine or Chilean chip,
Sim Card? ( An iphone )
Bringing with me A couple of ATM card suffice enough?
Should I bring enough Green Backs? Traveller's Cheques?
Any comment and additional recommendation in reference to
my journey will be greatly appreciated.

AKA in the States as, Rickey-San!

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