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Permanent Residency as a Spouse - Trouble (Buenos Aires)

I am married to an Argentine lady. We married in the UK 12 years ago. About a year ago we decided to live here in Posadas, Misiones with family. I applied for permanent residency and for my DNI as a spouse of an argentine national through the local immigraion office. I was given and 'Residencia Precaria' by them on the 10 Jan Protected content .

Here we are more than 10 months later and I still dont have anything else. I have renewed this document 3 times now. We have complained to the local office, and to Buenos Aires to no avail.

I found an advisory service on-line and they suggested it would normally take only Protected content . They said I should demand to know the reason for the hold up. The immigration people are not forthcoming with thier answer to this. Yesterday the local office said it could take up to 5 years for it to come through. I don't think that is right for a spouse of an argentine national?

I don't think I am able to officially work, or open a bank account or buy a property without my permanent residency and DNI. If I can't work, how do they expect me to live here and support the family without money for up to 5 years? If I have to go back to the UK, that would put an unnecessary strain on the marriage and I would miss seeing our son grow up. I want to open an office here and bring business into Argentina - it just seems crazy all of this!

Have any of you experience or advice that you could share?

I am thinking of going down a legal route to force them to declare whatever the issue is. But I don't know which law to quote? The advisory people said that because I started the process outside of BA that they can't help me. So I am stuck.

Sorry to unload my story of woe, but I can't be the only person who has gone through this?

Hope you can find the time to help.



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