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**SPANISH** Become Fluent in Less than a Year***** (Buenos Aires)

**SPANISH** Become Fluent Fast * Easiest Method * Start Now *
Anywhere in Buenos Aires
*Also on SKYPE -

You can reach an advanced level of Spanish in less than a year, usually between six and nine months.
You can start from the level you are at this moment.

Argentinean-American teacher with more than 20 years experience teaching languages

Classes are personalized to each student.

A beginner student can go to an intermediate level in about three months.
At this level, you will be able to:
-Ask and answer everyday questions
-Understand text
-Know the functioning of the most important verbs
-Build sentences
-Speak about what you like and dislike
-Speak about the family and daily routine
-Be able to talk about everyday situations
-Travel vocabulary: how to order at a restaurant, check in and out of a hotel, go shopping, etc

A student at intermediate level can go to advance level in about three months.
At this level, you will be able to:
-Speak Spanish with confidence
-Understand when they talk to you, and be able to answer in almost any situation
-Understand newspaper and magazine
-Understand and write e-mails
-Understand movies and telephone conversations
-Express feelings, moods, health situations, activities, etc
-Keep a conversation about general issues.

Learn THE NATURAL WAY, the right way, the way natives speak, not textbook Spanish.

Practical course designed to help the student become a fluent speaker in a very short time

Advance fast -No time wasted - Fully bilingual teacher

IN - HOME CLASSES anywhere in Buenos Aires. I come to your place

(Classes ONLINE are also available) On Skype, with shared screen
(Request me on Skype at = califo Protected content a free demonstration

Bilingual Argentinian - American Teacher - More than 20 years experience

All my students learn fast. If you are given the right tools, you can get the job done.
Give it a try, you´ll find out what you can do from day one.

* You´ll learn powerful secrets that will give you a head start.
* Everyday conversation for all occasions
* Audio-visual material, exercises, mnemonic techniques.
* Correction of pronunciation, accent softening
* Focused in conversation and dialogues.

Carlos (Native teacher / Fully bilingual)
Info = Protected content

Skype username = califo777

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