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Spanish lessons (Buenos Aires)

Feeling like brushing up or starting Spanish while in BA to make your stay in Latin American more enjoyable?
Who I am
I am a certified Spanish-English teacher, I have mastered English and Japanese languages by utilizing abilities that we all possess: persistence, enthusiasm and open-mindedness. I travel the world and have extensive experience in language teaching.
My view
I think each language has a certain way of seeing the world. If you speak one language then you have a different way of analyzing and interpreting the world than the speaker of another language does. Even if they’re really closely-related languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, which are to a certain extent mutually intelligible, they are at the same time two different worlds – two different mindsets. Therefore, having learned other languages, I couldn’t possibly choose only one language because it would mean really renouncing the possibility to be able to see the world in a different way. Not in one way, but in many different ways. There are so many advantages of learning a language; I really can’t think of any reason not to!
I meet students in the Palermo area -we agree on a cafe with WiFi- and hold conversational lessons supported by everyday grammar about topics which make your stay easier, as well as teaching our culture. Lessons are created based upon your own needs - you tell me your learning interests and together we plan a lesson schedule based on your needs and stay.
USD10 an hour, or else AR$160. Please do NOT hesitate to contact me for further info.
See you then! Angie

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