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Speak Your Truth (Buenos Aires)


I am looking to interview people (in English or with a translator) on a range of topics/issues that tend to get under reported, overlooked, misunderstood and/or marginalized as part of a project I began in Protected content on community radio), put aside and now feel the need to revisit.

The list is long and at this time I am open to them all:

Aging, Suicide, Mental Illness, Physical Illness, Hidden Disease, Poverty, Incarceration, Trauma, War Vets, Displaced Persons, Addiction, Prostitution, Abuse/Bullying, Homelessness, Sexual/Gender Identity...
as well as broader themes such as Grief, Loss, Sorrow, Loneliness...

If you'd like to participate but do not fall neatly into one of these categories, I'm quite certain you being human is more than enough to warrant a talk. And if you are not in Buenos Aires, we can speak via Skype, Google Hangouts or some other mode.

These talks are about you and your direct and personal experience(s). My goal is to share your story with others, particularly those that may benefit from your words. These discussions will be recorded, edited (audio/written) and posted (Q & A format) in various places, mostly online (If you prefer, we can do this anonymously).

Please pass along to others if they may have an interest in participating and feel free to ask ask me any questions. You may contact me at ' Protected content

Thank you,

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