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US VISA INQUIRY (Buenos Aires)

Hello! This is Sofia, im from Argentina living in BA and I have the following inquiry maybe someone can help me out or knows someone that is into visa issues who can help me. Im planning on flying to the US just for a week next month for vacation and although I have my visa till Protected content , when I checked my passport to see if it was ok, then I noticed that there is some letters that someone sometime I guess in one of my trips wrote accross the visa..the letters say CWOP or CNOP (not sure if its a W or an N) which I really dont understand what it means and im really afraid they could make me a problem at the airport in the US. I have this visa in my old passport but I already got a new one, so i d take both to show the visa and the new one that has not expired yet. BUT I have doubts with that red inscript note on my visa that made me scared..maybe you can help me out or u know someone that works in visas at the Embassy who can help me out on this. Cause Id really try to avoid going through again the whole tramit if I already got the visa and it hasnt expired yet. Well,thanks so much!


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