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Visa expired.. (Buenos Aires)

Hi there!
wondering if someone might have some info about my situation:

I've been working here for 2 years with a renewable 1-year Visa Precaria, which will expire in 2 days. As I was abroad, I only recently started the paperwork for renewing it once more.
Problem is, I just discovered my unreliable employer/partner has not been paying my social contributions ("mis aportes") since september..(not too happy about that; he tells me he's just late, and will do that soon ???!)
Last year, Migraciones asked me to present this "mis aportes " statement along with my pay slips (those I do have). Do you know if this is something which is always asked for? Or maybe I can get away with just the pay slips?

Also, in case there's really no way I can renew the work visa, does anyone know if I automatically gain 3 months as a tourist, or do I have to urgently go abroad to renew the toursit stamp? I've also heard of a fine you can pay to renew the tourist visa for 3 months: does someone know how that works, and if you can do that only once or, twice?

Any advice or experience would be really helpful!

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