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Advice for a Newbie (Cairo)

Hello All! I joined Internations recently (2 weeks ago) since I was wondering if people who are not native to Egypt had a place to turn to and sure enough, here you all are! I have considered, for several years, possibly relocating to Egypt once I attained a good amount of work experience in order to build a good career and serve my country once I felt professionally ready (I was born in Egypt and moved to the US when I was a baby; been living here since with trips to Egypt every so often).

I would like to learn Arabic more, the Koran, hopefully get married and work like so many others do. And so, I’d like to know from all of you what it’s been like! Have you loved it, hated it, or in between? Will I make friends with some of you once I come insha’Allah (God willing) and have some resources so that I don’t feel alone? Please be as honest as possible...the more open the better! If I will be miserable and homesick the first few months (or a year maybe? Yikes....) that would be great to know. I hope I get to talk to you all a lot more! By the way, as a career, I have an MBA in Organizational Leadership and have been employed in hospital operations as a manager for several years, mainly working in surgical operations (administrative functions) since I’d definitely love a job when I am settled. I love medicine but not enough to be a clinical person so I took the admin route ?

Thanks all, hope everyone is doing well and if they go home for the holidays or celebrate Christmas then Hapoy Holidays to you all and Happy New Year!

Nancy ?

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