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Also might be moving to Cairo

Hi everyone,

I have an interview for a job in New Cairo. Going by my own research, it looks as though it might be best for me to live in Maadi, being a single person who would want a social life. I am concerned about the commute from Maadi to New Cairo however and how much time this will take out of my day. As a teacher who is committed to doing my job properly, I wonder if it would be best for me to live in New Cairo so I have more time to dedicate myself to work. I haven't got the job yet but I am looking at "what if" scenarios. Also, if there is anyone that works at a British School in New Cairo, I would appreciate the opportunity to contact you.

What is the best website to look for flatshares? I don't want to live alone in Cairo and want to live with at least one other expat- male or female.

Thank you!

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