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American lking to market Egyptian product in US (Cairo)


Expat who spends around 6 months a year in Egypt primarily in Hurghada looking to make connections while here in Egypt to eventually market an Egyptian product(s) abroad. I am seeking to connect with either another Expat living here who is involved in producing something for export or an Egyptian business owner who manufactures a product that could conceivably be marketed in both the US and Europe. I have also lived in both India and Brazil so would be looking to eventually expand to these areas as well. One thing I am interested in is high quality Egyptian cotton sheets and towels for export, but I am totally open to other ideas. I would also be interested in any unique high-end handmade products that could be marketed to either an upscale market back in the US or Europe or other items to be taken on by big chains such as Walmart would be interesting as well. Hand made products with updated, appealing designs geared toward Western buyers would be of interest. I will be primarily living in the US, but overall spend a considerable amount of time in Holland and Belgium as well. I am not interested in connecting with any ‘middle men’ but owners of factories directly. Both smaller operations and bigger operations are fine but what is of utmost importance to me is developing a relationship with either someone or a few people of integrity. I prefer to concentrate on one or two things rather than take on a range of products. The specifics of the relationship could be discussed later on. I will most likely be flying back to the US in either late Spring or Summer this year so would like to meet and get acquainted before that time. I have a website I can refer you to upon making initial contact. I may also be interested in an operation here in Egypt that would need an expat to be here to oversee things perhaps some of the year- to work with someone else and share the responsibility as I am definitely interested in continuing to live in Egypt for about half the year. I am open to all ideas. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

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