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Balady dog for adoption (Cairo)

This is NOT urgent. We want to find a perfect forever home for 4 months old black&white egyptian balady dog.
Here is his story:
Pesso (and 5 more puppies) was born in October Protected content our building in Maadi. His mom Malena lives around our building, and we are feeding her regularly. One day, he wasn't there any more. We thought something happened to him. After maybe 10 days, we heard puppy's crying voice and Malena was barking very loudly and angry. We went out and found this black puppy frightened and shocked because, as we found out later, one of our neighbors took him home, but then after ten days he decided to take him back to his mother. Malena couldn't recognize her puppy's smell any more and in order to protect other puppies, she wanted to kill her own puppy (Pesso). She refused to take him back. That's when we decided to take him to our home. We vaccinated him on time and now he is very happy and healthy 4 months old dog.
He is very playful, well mannered (we didn't take him out yet because of vaccination, but he is doing his toilet things on newspaper), love other animals (we have one big 5 years old cat and a small, one month old kitten). Pesso love to play with the kitten, and kitten adores him. Climbing on him, licking his nose, it's really nice to see them living in harmony.
But there is only one problem. Pesso needs garden. He loves to run, to play, to hide bones...
He loves to be near people, he loves to play and to be cuddled.
He needs someone who will take him for a walk.
He needs garden.
He needs someone who will have more time for him.
He needs forever home. Forever place. Forever love.
If you think you are the one, or if you know anyone who wants beautiful, smart, healthy dog, feel free to contact me.
Photos on request.
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