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Bob Marley's 69 birthday party ! (Cairo)


Bob Marley's 69 Birthday party!
What is the first thing will come to your mind when you hear the name
“Bob Marley”?
Weird long hair guy with Marijuana joint...
Rolling paper brand name?
The singer who sang if there are no women the men will not cry?

If that true, then you have to know you got the wrong idea about the legend!
When we say Bob Marley we are talking about the world peace activist who awarded the Peace Medal of the Third World from the United Nations June Protected content
The award recognized Marley's efforts on behalf of millions of disenfranchised blacks around the world. Bob is visibly moved, and particularly humbled, by the presentation.

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Rolling Stone ranked him No.11 on their list of the Protected content Artists of All Time
Voted as one of the greatest lyricists of all time by a BBC poll

Who inspired millions of people and also did much to raise international awareness of the Rastafarian movement

"Marley wasn't singing about how peace could come easily to the World but rather how hell on Earth comes too easily to too many. His songs were his memories; he had lived with the wretched, he had seen the down pressers and those whom they pressed down."
– Mikal Gilmore, Rolling Stone,

And the last thing he said to his son before he died “Money does not buy life”.

Marley saw heaven in Africa, so we will celebrate the legend birthday at Nile River in the heart of Africa!
So the party will be a daylong felucca trip from Luxor till Nuba

Thursday 6th of Feb 12:00 at night Marley will become 69 years old,
So the overnight party will start after dinner at this moment by firing 69 sacrament green candles on the cake!

The whole thing will start at “Alsalam Camp” –Peace Camp- on Nile River, west bank, Luxor

The camp is totally inspired by Bob Marley and the Rastafarian Movement,

Local Musicans from Luxor will participate with Reggae Musicians from Africa

There we will meet the peaceful side of real Upper Egypt natives, chilling on the Nile River

Friday morning, after breakfast will take our felucca to visit Karnak Temple, and then continue our way to Aswan, with nonstop reggae music beats, bob Marley’s 15 albums and live music with our participated musicians

Spend the day sailing the Nile under the beautiful winter sun, passing by Protected content of year’s history
And the real African herb men, who Marley used to sing for!

Reach Aswan after sunset, have dinner then join the other peaceful culture of Nuba,

People, with their beautiful local musicians for another memorable reggae party under the name of Peace!

Saturday Morning: after Breakfast, free time in Aswan then people has different options to stay more days in Aswan or Luxor and

Who have work at Sunday, will get back to Luxor then take our bus to Cairo to reach Cairo Saturday night.

This will cost: 100$ for people from outside Africa
80$ for people from Africa
50$ for Rastafarians Brothers and Sisters

Part of the collected money will go for the hungers brothers in Africa by helping sustainable organic farms

Including (transportation from Cairo-Luxor-Cairo, Felucca trip, Accommodation in Luxor and Aswan, Food ’5 meals’, Birthday Cake and Candles, Fruits and water)

This event is produced by 'Dig Deeper' for Peace:
Its Micro organization for Peace actions through reconnecting people with Nature and original different cultures
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There is nothing called silly questions, if you have a question or idea please share it!
For more info contact me directly or send mail at: zaid Protected content
or call Protected content

Confirm your attending before Tuesday 4th of Feb

Peace up!

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