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Cat Foster Home Needed for Two Months (Cairo)

All - I need someone to foster a cat for two months while she waits our her required post-shots quaratine period for Finland.

The story: a friend of my boss moved from Cairo back to Finland but had adopted a baladi cat who was pregnant with kittens - so she couldn't get her vaccinated while pregnant to take her along. We took care of the cat in our offices and have found homes for all the kittens. We also moved office space and would rather not house the cat here any longer. My boss took two of the kittens and my fiance is not fond of cats so I prefer not to have her in my apartment.

So this is a temporary arrangement while she's "cleared" for travel. She's healthy and has all her shots now.

Any help would be great! We are currently located in Maadi but can bring her with a cat litter box, carrier, etc.

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