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Dahab, panic attacks and rugby (Cairo)

We were a motley crew the twelve of us who headed to Dahab for the weekend. Irish, English, quite a few French, Egyptian and the odd Canadian. We were meant to go by the Taba road but due to the political climate sailing along the Israeli border was not recommended for some reason,  not by anyone really, certainly not by the French embassy, I don't know about the other embassies as with our typical "we'll be fine attitude" we didn't bother to check, and off we set.

Mo and the Egyptian delegation set off first, say what you like about Egyptian timekeeping but when there is a holiday ahead they get off the mark fairly sharpish. We were traveling in convoy with the French which explains why we were last to leave........they are worse than Egyptians at timekeeping but..... lucky for us. We got a phone call about the Suez Canal tunnel from Mo to say don't come the Taba road there are hijackings at the minute. They had picked up some poor guy completely stripped of his belongings including the car and shoes, yes they left him barefoot, but with typical egyptian hospitality they read more Protected content

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