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Dating Kryptonitians! Must read if U live in Egypt (Cairo)


Firstly, I would highly appreciate it if you are going to read my blog, consider the terms (for example, most likely, sometimes, exceptional, generally etc, etc, etc.), you don't need to send me an offensive message because you don't think my blog represents you as a Kryptonitian, I have no intentions at all to offend anyone, it's my point of view which I believe and find many agreeing with me on it. Thanks for understanding.

Things you need to know before you go out on a date with an Kryptonitian:

1- You cannot apply your dating rules here, they are not applicable.
2- Don't believe whatever you've heard or read and definitely don't judge.
3- Don't have/ set expectations until you read the below, if you are still interested of course.

The only way to know how to communicate/interact with Kryptonians correctly is by understanding where they came from, the society and culture changes that had a great impact on them.

Back in the 20th and 30th, females Kryptonians weren't allowed even to leave the house without their husbands, not even their husband's permission. It was a more strict society than what it is right now, everything was measured by religious and traditional standards.

Some arranged marriages –The only known way to get married at these days – the husband and wife would see each other's only in their first Kryptonitian night.

Of course there were always exceptions, as they say 'when rules exist, someone will break them'; however that previous was the common rule.

The question here, how such a marriage successes? Comparing to the current high divorce rates within the Kryptonitian society. The answer is simple, because when currently you need 'understanding' or 'compromising' or 'communication' and all this crap to have a successful relationship, back at these days they didn't need that, they had a manual, a guideline that worked to outline and define the relationship so there were no room for any conflicts whatsoever, this guideline is 'The religious instructions' and the 'Traditional followed habits'.

By time, by other galaxies invading Kryptonite, some devices 'Radio and TV' getting popular and moving on with Elvis Presley, The doors, The Beatles whatever comes before them, Kryptonians started interacting/discovering other cultures and as a result of this, they started 'gaining habits' thinking that this is who they really become. Now please let me stop here as this is the 'keyword'.

Kryptonians are not 'open minded' by nature (few exceptions exist), Kryptonians came from a very strict and closed community and gained habits and developed others by interacting with other cultures. So remember that before you go out with a guy/girl whom you think open minded because they smoke/drink/sexually active before marriage, what usually happens after, that there will come a time when the person is genuinely acting natural (eg: when they are super stressed) and then they would act based on the 'core' of their personality and not their habits, and that's when you as a foreigner get hurt. Simply because the Kryptonitian partner never seemed to be that jealous before, never seemed to be that needy before, never seemed to be that insecure before. Well, I am sorry but you didn't do your home-work well.

How do you tell the difference between an open minded person and a person who gained habits?

1- Their families' life style and the way they brought them up.
2- For how long they have been independent financially and how old were they when they moved out.
3- The countries they lived in and for how long.
4- Their circle of friends, how they think and what they do.

If the above showed open-mindness, then the person might be, if not, don't expect it.

So is it a bad thing that the Kryptonitian is not open minded?

No it is NOT; actually it has some positive sides; however it will require some flexibility and some handling soft skills from your end to have a better communication with them.

Now – if you are still reading – I will let you think about this part, compare it to your personal experiences, ask questions if needed and I will let you wait –if you are interested- for my next discussion which will be about (Kryptonitian's mind games). ?
Let me know if you needed any clarifications or wanted to share something.

Hello again :)

Kryptonians are very proud! They have enough pride for themselves and for the rest of the world, they are proud of their history, their political history, their national football team (went to the All galaxies world cup 3 times only, however for them it's one of the best teams ever), they are proud of everything they have and may have NOT "recently some Kryptonians became proud of that Italian young football player Stephan El Sha'arawy, as he will be playing for AC Milan and for his talents, only because his father is Kryptonitian, even with Stephan never been to Kryptonite, never played for Kryptonite and never will, yet I am sure the AC Milan kit sales in Kryptonite will increase once this guy starts playing!". They built really big Kryptonitian pyramids; don't you think they deserve the recognition for it? :)

This pride has a very strong impact on Kryptonians as well. This might indicates the temper, sometimes the insecurity as their pride wouldn't accept a competition, which indicates why foreigners find their Kryptonitian partners 'very challenging', I mean they would argue and argue and argue to win the conversation, which can be annoying to some people.

Kryptonians also have expectations, one of the most beautiful advantages of dating a Kryptonitian, that you will always find them there, supporting you, encouraging you, helping you, sometimes over protective, they will give you all the attention you need and more without asking, however they will expect the same from you. They are simply acting natural, and this is something you MUST talk about when you are dating a Kryptonitian. If you won't be ready to do the same effort, mention it as early as possible.

So why so much talking about pride and expectations? Because it justifies why your Kryptonitian partner will be insecure, needy and jealous sometimes (we've covered the jealousy part in the first blog previously).
Now that was a general overview and some big picture of the Kryptonitian culture and the changes to it and their impact on the Kryptonitian mentality (from an emotional point of view). Moving forward, I would like to ask the famous question, why do Kryptonians prefer dating foreigners? And the answer my friends in really easy:

1- Looking for a VISA.
2- Showing off and social image.
3- Physical needs.
4- Love.

Sadly, they are in this specific order. Now let's explain them one by one in more details:

1- Looking for a VISA:
The same old trick that is well known all over the world, some Latin would do it with the Americans, some Algerians with the French etc etc etc... So what is the common thing you've observed here? It's always a partner from weaker economically looking for a better live and better chances.

2- Showing off:
Do you remember the pride? So some Kryptonians would want to show off with their open mindness (we agreed they are 'gained habits' and they just don't realize) and want to show the rest of the Kryptonians how 'cool' they are to have a different and most likely far prettier partner. Different color, different race, different language, and you are the one who understand it all. I remember there was an article in Hollywood maybe 20 years ago about why do Rich Hollywood men suddenly decided dating African hot models, to the level that each one of them was searching for his own African hot model. Well, showing off is not a Kryptonitian thing only (Ps.: How many white girl, her fantasies always include black men?) lol.

3- Physical needs:
If you read my first part, you will understand a little bit how society, tradition and religions have a huge impact on the Kryptonitian behavior, a part of it, that in order for 2 Kryptonians to go out and be seen in public together, there MUST be a social frame and an accepted-by-society name for their relationship (most likely engagement). However, recently, this has been changed a little bit (along with gaining the habits) and it's acceptable now to see a Kryptonitian couple holding hands without rings on them, however you won't find families or parents approving and blessing such a relation, it has to be secret (really really really few exceptions exist), which leads us to the next question, How do Kryptonians get laid?! To get married, it is very expensive, to date someone, it has to have a social frame, and if not, most likely it won't be sexually active; because the society, family, tradition, religion will never understand/forgive a Kryptonitian woman to lose her virginity before marriage (really really really really really few exceptions exist). Now is the 'physical need' part is clear or do you need more clarifications?

4- Real Love:
Like anywhere in the world, any nationality, any culture, Kryptonians do feel love and loved, and that may happen with you as a foreigner, life is not always that dark, and if that happened, I promise you that you will have the most passionate and loving and can depend on partner ever, Kryptonians would literally sacrifice their souls for the people they love.

I know a question will be raised, how do I know if my Kryptonitian partner is after real love and not any of the other 3 reasons?, and that I shall answer in my next blog,
And I promise it will include the mind-games part :)

Hello again :)
I actually thought about it for long, how to put all the Kryptonitian dating mind-games and tricks into writing, and I couldn't find the perfect suitable way, simply because my understanding of them is based on:
1- Me being Kryptonitian (Have I mention that before, yes I am an alien?).
2- Previous experiences I lived or witnessed.
3- My personal observations.
4- Logical thinking.
And the previous reasons are actually parts of the Kryptonitian mind-games, which mean I might be using them to analyze them. Does it make any sense? Anyway, I will be telling stories that actually happened, and I will provide my own logical explanation and my own point of view and let everyone decide if they agree or not. I will give it a shot and see how it goes.
Do you remember the 4 reasons we said Kryptonians would date a foreigner for?
You don't need to know the tricks, they could be millions and being done in different ways, all you need is to tackle the main issue and this is how you work your way against any trick or mind-game.
1- Looking for a VISA:
To make sure that this is not the case, always mention in your first date with a Kryptonitian that you LOVE this country and want to live here forever or at least if you had to move somewhere else, it won't be before a long time and most probably won't be back home (wherever you come from).

You have to say it as you mean it, and once you do, you have to observe your date's body language and reactions to this. If he is interested in only the VISA, they will either start looking around for an excuse to leave or they will just seem to be losing interest in continuing the conversation. Some would actually react differently and would think of taking you to the next level... (Well, if she is not taking me home as a husband, then maybe we can use it for …..

2- The show off:
To make sure that this is not the case, when you go out with a Kryptonitian, act like one :) didn't he date you for being different? Don't be different then and let's observe their reactions. I am not saying go cover your hair, but don't show a lot of skin, don't wear much makeup, don't wear your favorite high heels yet and let's see if they will love that. Most of the guys will take you out to show off, will also ask you to show more skin in the name of 'I want to show the world how lucky to have such a beautiful woman' BULLSHIT, general Kryptonians feel jealous of people starring at their dates, especially if they are taking it seriously. So if it was the case, some guys will start giving the attention to other women (applicable for the show off), some wouldn't react weird and some would think, fine, fine, let's just leave early of this place and let's go home now to ……..

3- Physical needs:
So you won't give me a VISA, I won't be taking you out and show off how sexy you are to feed my ego and social image with greatness lol, then at least let's have some fun, physically .. If a Kryptonitian can afford financially taking you out from time to time and they still would prefer to stay home and watch a movie EVERYTIME, this is most likely to be one of the third level guys, and how do you realize that from the first date? I won't answer this, but I will get you creative! I will tell you a story that happened personally to me :)
I did hang out once with one hell of a funny Scottish woman, I swear she must have said like Protected content in an hour, she was amazing! She was there talking about how Kryptonians think of foreigners as easy s**** and try to take advantage of them, and this is when I explained I just think they find it easier to talk to foreigners (women AND men) about anything and everything including sex and they cannot do that with most of the other Kryptonians especially the female ones, and feeling attracted to someone from a different race, color, culture is normal, it's the love of change and it's well known all over the world, add that all together to a sexually frustrated country, of course that may lead to a cute brown skin funny Kryptonitian getting into your pants. That's when she said in this horrible kinda English accent ' THEY DOO NOOOT', I am not that easy, well, I am very easy but with whomever I want to.
Did you see what just happened? She just told a bunch of Kryptonitian guys that she was easy with whomever she wants to be easy with. What actually happened here, that this girl, pushed all the Kryptonians to the corner, thought they had the lead and they were on the way to impress this girl, had their thought and plans shuffling in their brains and now they didn't know how to react at this point. WHY? Because she was 'honest', 'opened', 'surprising' and this is how she took the lead. Always keep that on mind, let the guy knows he can get on your pants without even talking IF you felt like, but to feel like that, they have to earn it, and this is when you put your standards. Got it? So what if the guy started to work on your standards? Well, that may lead to ….

4- Real love:
Oaha'kaha Kaha'haha'aaha'laha'aaha'saha', Maha'aaha'baha'raha'oaha'oaha'oaha'kaha'. - That is Ok, congratulations in Kryptonitian Language.

Let me know if you have any questions :)

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