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Driving Tips in Egypt. (Cairo)


U acquire a number of skills while driving in Egypt
1- Forecasting Skills (i.e Not Financial Statements:PP) : You have an internal connection among the following parties ;
a- Drivers infront of you
b- Drivers behind you
c- Yourself....
Without using turn signals (Signs), U can understand them! Are they turning right, left, etc..
2- Cursing Skills: You can learn Arabic very easily, U can even use Car Horns for Cursing. This is called Culture Difference:P
3- Some other issues iam trying to figure out :
a- Why do some cars dont use their headlights @ Night? i.e it has nothing to do with Electricity Bills....
b- Why dont they use Turn Signals while turning right or left, i.e if doesnt use Calories...
c- People always use the right lane to pass from behind!. We are in Egypt... Not Japan or United Kingdom where the Steering wheel is in
right side!.
d- Hyundai Verna and Daweoo Lanos and Lancer Shark, Your car is only Protected content and dont have a good braking system so Please stop running as ur a Lamborghini. U cant stop on time! Dont Hurt Others. If u want to hurt urself. Its ur fault. Dont involve others in your mistakes!.
Hint: The only way to overcome Driving in Egypt is to LOVE DRIVING and CARS. If u dont, then its hard to drive in this country!. PERIOD.
Hint: Hope someone is interested to arrange car events where we can share our experiences in maintenance, etc.. Hope someone can be a consul. for that!. Not interested to be a consul. Keep Safe!. Regards,Samir Tsuchiyama

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