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Easy way to get a 4x4 or luxry vehicle into Egypt (Cairo)


A lot of expats are not aware of this but in Egypt you can bring in your vehicle with you from your country or from any other country and use it while in Egypt.
Car can be any make/model any year.
It is shipped to here, and you can use it for 6 months/year. During the other 6 months you can ship it back to your country or park it in designated areas at Cairo Airport.
Cost is shipping + temporary import fees (around Protected content for 6 months)
Cost of parking for 6 months if you park your car Protected content Protected content months)

you can bring any car you want especially expensive cars in egypt like 4x4 or luxury vehicles

you can only keep the car for 6 months/12 months period.

It turrns out to be economical if you buy your car from a country that is close to Egypt like Saudi Arabia where prices of cars is similar to the US. shipping only takes 3 days and is about $300/car.

When you are done you can ship the car back to your dealer/friend in Saudi Arabia to sell it or you can sell it here in Egypt as an imported car.

I know a lot of expats who take advantage of this law. They bring in a good car for the most demanding 6 months of the year. for the other 6 months they use a smaller car or they rely on rental/taxis..etc.

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