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Egypt Research Trek! (Cairo)

Hello fellow expats/residents of Egypt!
I am a soon-to-be expat hoping to be en-route to Egypt this coming summer, however, I have to apply for a grant right now in regards to the kind of research and work that I plan to do over the summer.

I was hoping to get some reference contacts and recommendations on what you, as expats feel would be some good organizations (government/non-profit), corporations, universities, and established places that would be able to host me during my 8 week research project there.

My current research topic ideas for submission are:
1. Ancient Egypt medicine in application to modern medicine
2. Government-sponsored renewable energy projects
3. Health and economics
4. Globalization of University of Chicago with Egypt - or something with improving education of Egypt and U.S.

I have looked up the World Health Organization in Cairo, the ARCE Cairo Center, and Cairo University, but will have to do more research and looking for more!

I have had extensive involvement with health, clinical, and science research but looking to get more into the realm of healthcare, government, innovation, and high-impact work.

I hope I can get some help with recommendations on contacts/sponsors/organizations that would be able to invite me with open arms for some of my innovation project ideas!


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