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employment in cairo (Cairo)

Hi all,

I am planning to move to Cairo next week to join my partner who us already working in a school.

I am a graduate with 3 years experience working for local government and the ministry of justice. I would love to find a job that is accessible to me as i am an English speaker. Plan to take Arabic lesson when arrive but want to work as well.

Would anyone be able to give me any pointers on how to best go about looking for work...I have done some research and cold calling (handing cv's) is a good way but where to start?!?

I think I would be vested placed in something in administration until i am more comfortable with the local language but to be honest I would be happy to take on anything as i am looking for the experience of working in Cairo

Of course if anyone here is looking for a determined, smart and hard working individual please feel free to contact me.

For any help yet to come...thank you in advance

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