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Getting out of Egypt! (Cairo)


Do you know why you may want to move out of Egypt after a year or two of living here?

Everything you experience right now in Egypt will be an advantage, even the negative side,

1- How flattering being called "Boyotofol" by every single male –and some females- you pass by.
2- How amazing you can have everything delivered to your door 24/7, even medicine and alcohol.
3- You feel like a goddess, when you are being asked out by most of the males you interact with, starting with your doorman, the taxi driver and till your boss at work.
4- You take photos of the very 'funny' and 'crazy' way of Egyptians driving, run to your computer and write a bog about this truck was full of animals/human in the middle of the road etc etc.
5- And many more stuff you may think they are "interesting" now …

Yet, how are you going to view these points after a year?

1- Will the being called "Boyotofol" by every single male becomes annoying instead of flattering? (Now you've learnt some Arabic words and know some of the comments included some of your Boyotofol body parts.
2- Will you be amazed by the delivery services of everything or you will blame it on gaining some weigh and for not giving you an opportunity to get out of the house and go to the market for example?
3- Will feeling like a goddess become old news and now you think you are being sexually harassed by every single man? (Especially that they don't get 'rejection').
4- Will the funny crazy way of driving in Cairo turn into '3rd world, uncivilized, dangerous and irresponsible stupid drivers in Egypt causing all this traffic and you cannot stand one more hour stuck in it?

Alright, you might have seen my point already, which is ..
Egypt is an experience, and it's how you see it, it could be amazing and worth living here forever, and it could be a place for only a couple of years, and it could be a place where you would never want to be.

1- Set your own expectations right.
2- Keep an open-mind and don't judge.
3- Don't think with your emotions, you brain was kind of created for this reason.
4- Talk to your friends that been living here for a while, and the people that just arrived, to know/remember how did it feel to look at Egyptian from different angles.
5- Don't compare, but always consider the many positives of living in Egypt, that you wouldn't find anywhere else.
6- Grow some balls and get over yourself, and if you felt it's serious and you cannot take it anymore, E-mail me at Protected content and I am sure I will find a way to cheer you up :)

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