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Guidance! (Cairo)

Hello to all of you good people, I was hoping to get some advice about job oppurtunities in the fine city of Cairo...and with it being the festive season I was hoping this would be forthcoming! (PLEASE)

I have now been in Cairo since the end of July and I am actually employed within a school over here....however I would like to move into something more in line with what I was doing previously....this being administration or financial assessing.

My job hunting so far has been...well not very successful to say the least and I was hoping that some of the many great minds on here may be able to point me in the right direction/give advice or know of any jobs that are going around?

I am a british national and speak fluent english....I am also a UK graduate with an honors in political theory so in terms of qualifications I would hope I would meet the requirements for jobs in this sector. To add to this I have good experience working for large organisations back in sunny olde England!

But as I said my searches so find have been in vain...but as I am aware jobs in Egypt aren't necessarily advertised and so I come to Internations as word of mouth is the currency here.

Anyhows I have gone on enough....but as I said if anyone does have any ideas/inspiration I would be grateful to hear it.

Kind and Merry Regards,


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