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Russian Specialist ,adapting alternative medicine using the cupping therapy ( Hijama ) , Herbal natural pharmacy & the helmentic therapy, offer her services for all interested persons all over the country ,

Some Benefits of Hijama (Cupping Therapy)

Hijama has stimulating and strengthening effects so it successfully treats the following conditions:

* Constipation and Diarrhea

* Headaches

* Back pain

* Arthritis

* Period pain

* Injuries

* Asthma

* Cellulite

* Fatigue

* Anemia

* Depression

* Emotional problems

* Atrophy

* Sciatica

* Common cold and flu

* Skin problems

* Weight loss and much more.

Even though Hijama is a very simple procedure, it has dramatic effects. Our health and well-being are tied up with the immune system and are totally dependent on the flow of blood and Qi (energy) and body fluids like hormones and lymphatic fluid. Traditional medicine tells us that all pain is due to stagnation of these symptoms. The cups used in Hijama have a wonderful pulling power and this is a dramatic technique in reducing pain and enhancing the feeling of well-being.

For Appointment or further info , please write or call to :

Mme Rushaniia Murtazina , Tel Protected content 02. Protected content , email : Protected content

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