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hello,everyone! why we don't make a weekly meeting (Cairo)

hello , I.N. i was thinking as a result of the globolization , why don't we have a weekly meeting in a cafe or bar , so we can be more close to each others and get to know each other more .
It can be on Monday for example or weekend , and we can choose a nice place such as the Novotel roof , or where ever and we can change the place or make it constant , i guess it will be nice for new people to get to know more about the country and for old people to make a better bond between them .
I had this experince before in a site called COUCH SURFING and it was nice as we became real friends after a while .
we can also make a certain activity every week , such as watching movie , playing chess , riding horses ........etc
come on guys let's make this site more active and effective

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