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Help needed urgently!!!! (Cairo)

Hi all. My name is tyron and I'm new in Egypt currently working for the palm royale in hurghada. I require sone urgent assistance and i will never ask if this wasn't a life ir death situation. My little boy has fallen critically ill in SA, his one lung has collapse and is currently on life support in a coma. I need to return back home as I'm a single dad but i don't have the necessary funds to do so. I've tried speaking to my employer with no avail. They are holding my passpirt and don't want to give it back to me unless i pay them back the money for the return flight. They want $800 for the flight which i don't have now and there's no one that i assist me. I'm pleading to my fellow south africans and others to assist me in paing them back so i can go be with my son. Please any help will be appreciated. I thank you all in advance for any help financiawor advice. Kind regards tyron naidoo, a caring father just trying to go home to be with his son.

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