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I need a job for my fiancé ~~~~ lol (Cairo)

Well here is my story ..
Hm I met an incredible American guy from some language exchange website and we were amazing friends and like talk daily for almost 24 hours ONLY!! Lol....sooooo as a result of that we fall in love of course and that was the beginning of my long distance relationship and ahem >.> first experience in love too xD don't laugh hehe I was like nerd girl only focusing on her study so shush ....
Anyway let's continue so my bf finally was able to come and meet me here in Cairo for the first time and we spent a beautiful month together plus plus we are now ENGAGED !! <3 .....but sadly he went back to USA to finish a couple of things and he is really not happy there same to me I'm in bad condition sincehe left :'( ..

So now we are trying to find him a job here in Cairo anywhere as a teacher or anything he is really smart masha'Allah and very clever ...

And my parents said that he has to get a job here so we can agree on the marriage ,,,so I just want that to happen fast so we can be together soon insha'Allah

If you can help me in that I'll be more than grateful really

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