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I want to look out for my friend.... (Cairo)

Hi all! My friend is going to Egypt next month and will be staying in the county for about a month. She met a guy online and after chatting for Protected content she has finally decided on visiting him. She is in her mid 50s and this will be her first time overseas. I want to find someone who wouldn't mind befriending her while she is in country. I hate the idea that she will be totally dependent on this guy to go out and see things. Ideally I want someone for her to be able to call if something were to happen or if she was stuck in some situation she could reach out for advice. I would have liked to go with her, but I will be in Tunisia with my own man.

She would like to befriend a married couple or a single woman. Someone from a western country like the UK or the US.

She left her job to see this man and might even marry him, and it might seem crazy, but I won't judge her choice. I do want the best for her, but what worries me is that she doesn't speak any arabic or has an understanding of the culture. I lived in Tunisia for 18 months in the past and have taught her as much as I could, but I still worry for her. She has a loud personality and doesn't deal with change well, so it makes sense I'm worried.

She is going on the 13th of April, so if I can connect with someone for her, that will be great.

Don't get me wrong- I think she is a great person who deserves to find love. I just want some security for her and some connections.

Thanks for your time.

Tiffani S.

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