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life for expat women in Maadi? (Cairo)


I have a job offer that would start in August, and I'm having trouble finding out what it's like for single women living in Maadi. I have traveled some in Europe and Asia, and I am in my second year of living in Beijing, though not in an expat area.

When you go out in Maadi, what is appropriate dress? Can you wear shorts that come to mid-thigh? Capris? sleeveless shirts?

How often in Maadi do you get whistled at or cat calls?

Is it safe to go around Cairo on your own? I like to explore cities and go to museums and such, but often go by myself.

I know these are novice questions. It's easy to find information on Cairo in general, but not so easy to learn specifics about life in a particular neighborhood. If I've missed an obvious source of information, would someone please share it?

Thanks so much!

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