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Love around the world (Cairo)


Did you know that love speaks all languages?

Let me share with you the story of a Serbian girl who wanted to write a love message to her boyfriend, so she asked people from all over the world from the group on Facebook called "Global friends and Cultures of the world"

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to help her and write the same message in their own language, "Sasha, Tamara loves you".
I think it's a very creative and romantic idea!

And guess what???

The members of the group just did it for her.

Tamara was very delighted because so many people from all over the world responded to her.

Her boyfriend was astonished, more than Protected content from over 70 countries had participated and the story and facebook group got mentioned in online Serbian Magazines, and here are links that you can see some of those photos:

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Since hearing about the story, many people
from Serbia (and other countries) have been interested in the facebook group and have joined it in order to share similar posts or idea's or at least to get help not to lose the person they love <3

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