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moving to Cairo this summer


I am new to this board so I'll tell a little about my situation. I am interviewing tomorrow with a school in Cairo. If all goes well, I will be coming there this summer to teach. I have a friend who already lives in Cairo and works at this school. She is checking apartments we might share and the school does help a lot with transitioning to Egypt. But I still have some questions.

First, I need some special laundry and skin products. I have been told that a couple of the products and my laundry supplies are not sold there. So, I am wondering about shipping a container with these things. How would I do that? Contact UPS, FedEx or the post office and ship it?

What are some things I need to think about bringing that I might not consider on my own? Should I buy a computer before I move or get it after I arrive there?

How is the political climate? Is it stable? I know I'll need to register with the American Embassy but I wonder what it is really like there. Here, we only hear bad things on the news and I know it's not always accurate.

I will be flying over. Any suggestions for making the flight easier?

I know I am asking a lot but I really want to know what to expect when I arrive.

Thanks for any advice!

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