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New Members, Events, and Other Info (Cairo)

Dear all - many of you whom are new to the network have asked when the next event is, how can you attend, etc.

Each month we have one "official" IN event. These are the events at the bigger venues where we can all mix and mingle. This will come to your email as soon as it's announced and a reminder will come next. Note - we try to get these set ASAP but Katja and I need to coordinate together, go to the venue and negotiate etc among our work and other things. So bear with us on the timing during some months. Please RSVP to these events as we have an official guest list. Also note that while friends are welcome, we'd prefer they sign up for IN in order to attend these official events. We need this so the venue has an accurate picture of the attendance and so we can be sure that only IN members are able to take advantage of whatever offers we get.

There will be other events that are "unofficial" throughout the months. These events will be more cultural, recreational or perhaps at restaurants, etc where a lesser number of people can be handled and things can be coordinated in a more focused manner. We also ask that you keep an eye out for them on the Events page and RSVP to those events as well to help us plan appropriately (also there may be maximum numbers for those events given capacity).

Hope this helps!

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