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Non-Arabic speaker (Cairo)

Hello All,

I am hoping to move to Cairo in the next half year. My boyfriend is moving there in January for language / grad school and I would like to join him there for some time. Unfortunately I don't speak any Arabic (yet) and I was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on what kind of work I could find in Cairo.

Is it even possible to find a job that does not require Arabic? Would you recommend having something set up before I go or are people able to find work once they're on the ground? I have searched vacancies at various embassies but they require fluent Arabic skills. I have a Master's degree in European Studies and speak fluent German and English and some French and Italian. I would so appreciate any advice, even if it's just names of companies where you know English (or German) is the working language. I am really up for anything to start off with, well except those dubious ads looking for "secretaries to spend time with" (anyone who has searched for jobs probably knows what I am talking about).
Thank you so much for any advice!


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