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Noticing Lately (Cairo)

I've been noticing lately a growing trend of "new" members whose profiles state that they are from the USA. Okay-cool- I usually take a moment to welcome my fellow Americans with a "Hey... whassup!?" or something to that effect, but I'm finding most newbies know nothing about America at all.... really.... at all.

Surely everyone's story can't be the same: "I was born in the USA, but I was raised...". (fill in the blank).

If I wanted to reinvent myself, I'd profile myself as Italian (their recipes alone are worth a life-change) but I'd be looking mighty silly when I ran into a "Real" native-Italian.

Most members of the Inter Nations community are "guests" here in Egypt as well as upon the great Continent of Africa. Personally, I love the Egyptian people, the culture and traditions.

If there is anything at all "American" that I share; it is the USA tradition of: "C'mon... Just be yourself!

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