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Outstanding dentist, to all my friends in Cairo

Hello, I had an outstanding experience at dental clinic in Cairo & I thought it would be great if I can make this information available to others. I’m originally Egyptian but I left Egypt a long time ago. As dentist visit used to be big concern, and after trying 03 clinic in Cairo based on Facebook reviews & it was total disappointment, I decided to try dentist based on what I think about the values and the way they are respresnted on their own website. I came across a clinic named: Art dentistry in Maadi, a very neat website with focus on important things I care about just like Sanitation. The clinic has limited number of google reviews but all are 5 stars. I decided to go and see myself away of the illusive FB reviews. Clean professional atmosphere, state of the art equipments and an amazing dentist indeed. I have just reviewed his clinic on google & I will post it here: I have never seen like dr. Islam before & I have seen lots of doctors in different countries. It is really rare now to find a doctor who is keen to educate his patients, giving time and effort and happily answer questions, actually he is the one who encourages his patients to ask questions. Dr. Islam knowledge and experience are beyond expectations, his medical practice and skills are excellent. In my first visit, he examined all my teeth and gave me an honest evaluation of what’s need to be done, what’s urgent & what is not and offer me options of treatments depending on my schedule & financial ability. He makes himself available 24/7 to assist his patients & doesn’t mind to rush to his clinic on his day off to help a patient with emergency situation. Despite his busy day, he texts his patients after treatment daily to make sure they are recovering well. With dr. Islam I really felt I’m in good hands & I was quite confident he would do his best to avoid unnescssary procedures & to achieve optimal treatment. Thank you dr. Islam for all the care and for truly outstanding results. Blindfolded I recommend this talented professional and honest dentist. Dr. Islam Shalsh

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