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Questions about Egypt (Cairo)

Hi everyone living in Egypt,

I'm envious of you all being there because I lived in Cairo for 5 years and love beautiful Egypt so much. However, just before tourism became too much of a safety issue for me to take responsibility for, I closed my tourist office known as, Golden Sand Travel and returned to live once again in Greece.

It was for many years a personal dream of mine to organise a trip for enlightened spiritual people interested in participating in a journey through the 'White Desert' of the Western Sahara spending Christmas with the Bedouins, with a prominent feature of the trip being the joining of hands around the Great Pyramid as the winter 'solstice' emerges on the 21st December Protected content .

As a tour operator, I handled all the classical sites, but my speciality was always the 'White Desert' of the Western Sahara. Many of my friends and clients (whom became friends), knew of this dream and I now have many people demanding this trip still takes place.

My question is what is the actual situation there towards foreigners and tourists? Would it be a good idea to go ahead and bring a group of people with all the unrest we hear about? Does it look like things will have settled by December?

Also, just a for fun (but I am really serious), how many people would be needed to all hold hands with each other to join a link around the Great Pyramid?

Awaiting your replies - best wishes

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