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Salam 3likum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh (Cairo)

Hello everybody

U have kids in the age of newborn till kindergarden age Protected content ?
U want to go work and don´t know where to leave ur children?
U want bring up ur kids with german language but dont want to put them
in overfilled groups in kidsclubs or pre-nurseries?

I am a native german Muslim woman, living in Cairo-Heliopolis
I offer u a full/ halftime daycare inside my own home (Care-times arrangable) .
I tread ur children (max 3) like a family member (I have a child myself).

Ur kids will learn the german language automaticly cause this will be the only spoken language between me and the children all the day.
Also they will have a settled day, with breakfast, lunch and dinner if they stay all day long.

Send a private message to my account or to Protected content

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