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SWAP* Project* (Nile Fuluca For Exchange) (Cairo)

Dear All ,

>>>> We will take a Fuluca from Zamalek , AboulFedaa Street , Cairo
our meeting point will be front of KFC Aboulfedaa from 7:30 p.m till 8:20 p.m
-We will start our trip at 8:30 p.m (Sharp) .

**Fuluca will be suitable for all participate members

_ In this day to celebrate
- Dish party System : (Food & Soft drinks,games) bring all you can .

This gathering for (travelers , foreigners ,Expats and local citizen trusted).
You can in this gathering Exchange every positive things without any cost for example :
( Experience , Traveling , Books , Knowledge , Language , Stories ,Scholarships ,..etc.).

- This event totally free .
- Cost of Fuluca will separated .
- Don't hesitate to invite all your friends.
- No "whats App." message after we start our event just call me directly .
- We will go after this gathering to Go to any cafe for rest of the event .

We ask everyone to comply following rules to pass this event in peace:
1. Not to speak in politics.
2. Not to talk in religion.
3. Not to talk to any of the controversial aspects.
4. Not to harass any one of participants in gathering in any form.
5. Compliance with the general rules of behavior.
6. If you have a problem don't talk with anyone other than the organizer .
7. Acceptable suggestions and assistance is required.
8. Not to discuss any type of business .
9. This meeting is not for dating .
10. We must listen to each other to make it useful and in the final part of event we can make a free discussion among participants .
11.Not to engage in personal matters of any of the participants.
12.Preferably notified the event organizer If you want to share your contacts information (to our commitment to be safe) of course if you ant to share it's up to you .

* We support everything related to granting foreign education and small projects .
* All participants are welcomed from all countries of the world, without any distinction .

- Feel free to call me :
Mahmoud Hamouda
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