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The city of the dead tour Dec -14th -2013 (Cairo)

The city of the dead tour جولة صحراء المماليك
In this tour we’re going to explore to another dimension of Cairo one of the most sacred place of all
Place that in front of our eyes but most of us never look at it!
The place that knights used to train them selves in and get ready for big battles !
When they worked and walked on the path of sultans
When Fatimid Cairo and after the extension that Salaheddin made for it become even small and narrow for them they decided to go some where else ....
A place they made and still nearly the same as they left it
Our tour is going to be in a Companionship of all of those sultans sultans
In them desert
In some of them tombs
We’re going to move and wonder around The city of the dead
This tour that looks some how new....
Our plan is to visit is vast of complexes :
Quitbai complex
The only Mumluk sultan that you can call him the Sultan of architecture in them era
Barsbai complex

Khnquah Farag ibn Barquq
Was a mysterious ruler will talk about him during the tour....
Inal complex
The one you can consider as well the prince of architecture
Qurqumass complex

Then some vast of amazing domes

We can after we finish head to a very local Chinese restaurant and eat some delicious Chinese food abbasia
The dish price starts 15 L.e king size till 60 L.e according to the dish it self
They have several plates for vegan and vegetarian ,and meat eaters :D

1st: fees for the event is 30 L.E per person ONLY for the guiding
” the explanation will be in English and Arabic and Farsi - Farsi only if there's a group of native speakers!- “. 2nd: this event is not for dating or drinking alcohol.
3rd: appropriate dress covering the body including shoulders and legs is required for entering Islamic,Christian,Jews monuments.
4th:giving tips in general is not obligatory also for putting your shoes in the safe in mosques,churches,lighting candles is not obligatory it's only up to you so don't feel ashamed to refuse to give tips to somebody asks for that!
5th: please wear a very comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water with you and your camera if you have one, don’t forget to bring a good mood
6th: Politics talk is not welcomed during the event by any how -security reason -!!!
7th: please bring your national ID/Passport because the security asks about it.
8th:There's no refund for the fees except if the organizer canceled the tour it self!!

Call Zein for more details and for booking your place and
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