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The hidden treasures of Muhammad Ali Street كنوز م (Cairo)

The hidden treasures of Muhammad Ali Street كنوز محمد على المخفية
This’s one of our magnificent tour that you could see interesting and unique parts of Cairo that you never been to it before also it’s not in any tourism company program at all that’s why it’s called the Hidden gems of Cairo .
Have been to Muhammad Ali “El Qalla’a” street before?!
This time we’re leading you to several amazing places around Muhammad Ali street we’re going to talk about Artists, monuments, and most important of all people
The program is:
Gathering Point: in front of the tickets office between Sultan Hassan and Arrifie mosques
Gathering Time: 10 :10.30 a.m
Map: Protected content
Time table:
From 10.30: 11.52 AM
Visiting Sultan Hassan Mosque and Madrasah (The Islamic pyramid/The Fourth pyramid)
Visiting Arrifie mosque (Museum of all Islamic Art) with royal tombs inside it.
From 11.52: 1 PM
Break for Friday pray time for Muslims also coffee break there are several nice local cheap coffee shops around the complex
From 1: 3 PM
Tour in Muhammad Ali street includes:
Visit Prince Qaysoon mosque
Visiting Queen Safia mosque

Participation requirements:
Filling the registration form: Protected content

-*- To bring list:
Protected content
1)your personal expenses.
2) Water
3) hat and sunglasses
4) camera if you have to take photos.
5) Good mood and curiosity
6) food for two people.
How to get to Sultan Hassan Mosque?!
We highly suggest to you to use Uber to get there if it not available you can tell the taxi driver Sultan Hassn جامع السلطان حسن
Also you can get there by public transportation that heading from Nasr city to Sayda Ayisha or from Sayda Ayisha to Abbassaia or from Abbassaia to Sayda Ayisha Then you walk for few minutes till you reach Sultan Hassan mosque

Contact number:
Zein- Protected content
Sultan Hassan and Arrifie mosques fees for non-Arab:
Entrance Ticket:
40 L.E adults
20 L.E students

Mosaic fees: free of Charge
The optional:-
Nile ferry trip for One hour:0
The felucca fees is 20 L.E per person if the number of the participant is less than 10, the fees may exceed 20L.E

Day rules:
The tour is organized by Mosaic Club ,you can come and bring your camera and good mood ,don’t take a photo of any one unless he/she accepts that, Political talk is not welcomed by any how in our tours or any of our events

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