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where to live... advice please (Cairo)


I am moving to Cairo at the middle/end of August and from the list of communities that my employer provided, I have shortlisted Heliopolis and Maadi. They are setting us newbies up with realtors who will show us several apartments in each area, but I am hoping to gain some insight from folks already in Cairo about the pros and cons of each area. We have a reasonable housing stipend that seems as though it will just barely cover a flat in Maadi as I hope to live alone. Heliopolis is closer to my work, but are the costs comparable?
My hope is to find a place in an area where I feel safe (I am 5' 11" and blonde!), where I can walk to get coffee and groceries, where I can access a gym/ fitness facility with some group excercise classes and where I can easily access transport to get around other areas of Cairo.
Your insights would be appreciated :)

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