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Women, please read: Note from UK Embassy (Cairo)

Dear all, I received this from the ACE Club in Maadi and thought it was worth sharing. Use caution and common sense.

"We are aware of increased reports of assaults and muggings taking place in taxis across Cairo. We are also aware of sexual assaults occurring in taxis. We would advise caution when getting into a taxi. Ensure you take down the number of the taxi in case you experience problems. You may also consider travelling with a companion or using a known reliable taxi or telephone taxi company. Here s a reminder of our tips on using taxis:

If hailing a taxi on the street, avoid the first one to present itself.
If taking a taxi on the street avoid any with passengers already in it.
A female should not sit next to the taxi driver.
When getting into the taxi test the inside handle to the door to ensure you can open it.
Make a note of the taxi number.
Always pay the driver after getting out of the taxi. Hand your money over through the window."

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