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Corporate Yoga & Wellness Joyshop! (Calcutta)

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Health, Happiness, Peace & Welfare around the world…
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!!Sahaj Krishna Yog!!
-The Art of Joyful Living.
Swami Krishna Deo.
(Founder Chairman, Wellness Guru).

One-day Corporate Yoga & Stress Management Programme Schedule.

Precaution: Participants, please take light breakfast, fruit or juice/milk only in the morning hour before one or two hour of the programme. And light lunch or juice/milk during lunch hour.

• 10 AM to 12 PM -First hours.

1. Introduction, Greetings & prayer.
2. Stress busting kriya.
3. Laughter Yoga.
4. Light Yogasana for abdominal fat, Constipation, Back pain, Body ache & Frozen Shoulder relief.
5. Cosmic Udgith pranayam.
6. Pranayam (Yogic breathing process) for mental relief & more.
7. Yogic exercise for eyes.
8. Light Yoga for eyes stress relief,
9. Light Yoga for ‘carpel tunnel’ & joint pain relief.
10. Light Yoga for upper back pain relief.
11. Light Yoga to strengthen spine.
12. Yogic ‘Fun & Learn’ activities.

• 12 PM to 12.45 PM- Lunch hour.

• 1 PM to 3 PM.- Second hours.

13. Healing pranayam.
14. Light yoga for cervical spondolysis.
15. Pranayam for migraine & mental peace.
16. Flute Meditation.
17. Love yourself.
18. Cosmic energy talks & techniques.
19. Soothing Pranayam.
20. Gratitude talks & tips.
21. Anger Management tips.
22. Acceptance(sweekar bhaw) talks & tips
23. Simple Acupressure tips for instant pain relief.
24. Tips on Ayurveda & healthy life style.
25. Pranic healing.
26. Sakriya dhyan.
27. Laughter Yoga.
28. Meditation clip (projector presentation).
29. Feed back.

• 3.15 PM to 5.15 PM-

30. One to one personal counseling (for selected participants) stress, depression, healthy relationship and ailments.

Note: Actual name of all the Yogasana, Pranayam, Meditation and other techniques are not given here, because of programme privacy.
Scientific effects (benefit) of the JoyShop:
• Increases life energy, Positivety & Confidence.
• Enhances Performance & Efficiency in work.
• Dissolves Conflicts, Confusions Turmoil & Insecurities.
• Gives a Direction to your Goals.
• Eliminates Stress of life.
• Brings Clarity and peace of Mind.
• Better relationships.
Expect your life to be transformed positively!!
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Health, Happiness, Peace & Welfare around the world!!

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