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A message on Monthly Community Events (Calgary)

Dear Members of the Calgary Community,

Similar to all other successful communities throughout the world, our model for events will be changing starting next month. We will be moving forward with a new ticketed format which will raise the quality of our events and make it more exclusive, and more valuable to our members.

As our community continues to grow larger, this new format will help us bring value to all members, and develop partnerships with higher quality venues. We will be working with the venues to provide you with value for your ticketed entry, such as a welcome drink/snacks upon entry (negotiations are currently ongoing and we encourage you to read the details of our next event).

We can assure you that we, as the organizers, will not be making any personal financial gains from this new format. Whatever compensation we make from these events will be reinvested into our community to help cover organizational costs and to further improve the quality of our future events.

Other established communities in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have already moved on to ticketing events with success. We have observed their success and will follow suit to make InterNations events even better across the country.

We thank you for making the Calgary Community what it already is, without you there would be no Internations in Calgary. Stay tuned for further updates, and do not hesitate to contact myself or Nicholas Pereira if you have any questions and particularly if you have suggestions (venues, sponsors etc.).


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