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Newbie from Boston (Calgary)

Hi There!

I am a newbie to the site, and I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Hayley. Hey, how are ya! I am currently in the process of obtaining a spousal PR visa in order to live in Calgary with my husband. He is an EMT and a grade A stud. I have zero reasons to leave the comfort of my home in Boston aside from wanting very badly to be with my man full time... finally.

A little bit about me. I buy and sell wine for a living. I love the wine industry as well as the craft beer world. I am always looking to try new things and explore food and drink together. My experience in Calgary so far (I have been visiting every other month for the last two years) in terms of the wine scene has been really positive. I love a few of the area wine shops and have found a number of restaurants with very thoughtful wine & cocktail lists. I do feel the beer scene is a bit lacking, but maybe I am just not seeing some of the hidden gems out there. That's why I'm here!

Getting down to brass tax - I have never lived away from the East Coast. I am nervous about being away from the ocean for such a long stretch of time. I know I am going to be very homesick, and I really just want to hear from folks about their transition to Calgary and what, if anything, helped you assimilate in the early days when you first moved.

Calgary seems like a nice place to start a family. I am confident I will find a job in the wine world. I love the mountains. Overall I feel like I am making the right decision by being the one to move in this relationship... it's just scary because Calgary is so darn far away, and so different in a lot of little ways.

Any and all comments are welcome! I look forward to hearing about other peoples experiences:)

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