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Work Permit / Medical inadmissibility risk (Calgary)

Hi all,

A couple of months ago I received an offer of my current employer to move to Calgary with my family. We moved previously form Buenos Aires to Bogotá, where we are currently living.

Based on our immigration lawyers advice I´m applying for an open work permit for three years.

In the last month I checked some information regarding the work permit process and I found that could be an issue that my older kid of 4 yo has a diagnose of high functioning autism disorder. His evolution is great and he attends normally to school with minimum support (just the teacher need to be aware about his condition). In addition, his treatment requirements are pretty low (2 weekly sessions of occupational therapy and 2 of language therapy) but I was noticed by the lawyers that could be considered inadmissible due to excessive healthcare demand.

My company is providing full support with the process and justified my transfer due to my experience and skills (that is also included within the Skilled Workers eligible Occupations). They´re optimistic but I´m still not so confident about the final result because I don't have enough information about other people experience.

Do you know about any recent similar experience or have any advice about how to manage the situation?

Thanks in advance and I expect to join the community soon!


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