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Great course about importation in Brazil (Campinas)

Last Saturday, I participated in a surprisingly good one-day introductory training about importation in Brazil: “Importação Passo a Passo” organized by the association “Aduaneiras” and taught by Daniel Polydoro Rosa, an outstanding teacher and also lawyer specialized in importation.

To be honest, I expected a boring training with an excessive focus on bureaucratic detail, lack of relevant examples and a teacher with a monotone voice shaped by years of work in bureaucratic and at times Kafkaesque environment. It was all the contrary: the teacher has excellent teaching skills, spoke with a energetic voice and a engaging language as if he was explaining the most complex things to you personally over a glass of beer. His examples were relevant and often also quite entertaining. He stroke a good balance between a high-level, introductory overview and digging into some details where relevant. Most impressively, he managed to instill quite a sense of respect in me for the bureaucratic apparatus that manages the flow of goods imported into Brazil every day, which means something, as I loathe bureaucracy! At the same time, the teacher did not spare with criticism about the country’s legislation and regulation where it seemed to be appropriate.

Overall, I recommend this training not only to people who work with importation in Brazil, but foreign executives and entrepreneurs (or anyone else) who would like to expand their knowledge about how this country and such an important aspect as the importation “machine” works. I felt that I learnt a lot on that day, even after 11 years in Brazil, and that is a very good feeling.

The price of the course depends on whether or not you pay for yourself or your company as a special deal with Aduaneiras. My company paid R$ Protected content me to the course, to give you an idea. To find out more, check out:

Protected content

The next such training will be done on December 14th in Campinas. Make sure the teacher is the same one I had.

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