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Teaching English (Campinas)

Hello everyone!

My family moved to Brazil last June for an opportunity in my wife's career. My personal focus in the beginning was on helping the family get adjusted and completing my bachelor's degree, both of which have been accomplished. Now I'm focused on applying for online MBA programs and earning money by teaching English on a very small scale (maybe 5 hours of lessons per week).

I've decided to teach privately after seeing a tremendous difference between what schools pay new teachers and what students will pay per hour. My idea is to offer customized lessons via Skype for intermediate/advanced English speakers. My competitive advantage is that I am a US native and will tailor lessons specific to a student's objectives.

I know that there are many foreigners in Brazil engaged in teaching English, so I'm asking for advice. I have so many questions:

What advice do you have for a new teacher?

If you were starting from scratch, what would you do differently?

What is the best way (least expensive way) to set up a website in Brazil? What is the process?

Have you obtained a CNPJ or do you teach as an individual? How does one determine which is best?

Have your registered you business name and logo or is the risk of loss too small to worry about that?

What are the legal and tax issues that a foreigner (with permanent Visa and CPF) needs to consider when operating a business in Brazil?

I appreciate any knowledge that you're willing to share. Everything helps!!

Thank you.

- Colin Shedd

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