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Accomodatin (Canberra)

Hi All,

We (My mom, 3yr Kid and I) will be moving to ACT in Feb-Mar time frame.
I am from Indian from Bangalore.

I am looking for apartments with Lifts. Can you tell me about some places which meets the following criteria:

1. Flats in apartments for rent.
2. Close to a good school (public is what i am looking for)
3. close to a good hospital.
4. Close to shops/supermarkets so that we don't have to walk a lot (my mom, cant walk long distances and until we get a car, she would need to adapt to walking or using public transport, which i heard is not so good in distance places)
5. A Place where there are a lot of Indians. As we don't have any friends or relatives in Australia.

Tasneem T

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