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Family moving to Canberra

Hi evryone,

I am about to move to Canberra with my family (wife and two children: girl 3 and boy 5 years old) from Rome.

I will come to Canberra end of May to start searching for a house and, linked to this but most important from our poit of view, a school for the children, and I will finally relocate in September. I will be working in Weston area but I do not mind very much about the distance to home-office: I am used to Rome and now it takes at least 60 minutes. My new colleagues already gave me some valuable information but me and my wife are really hungry for info and I think who went through this stage can understand it.

I would like to ask for some suggestions about the best areas/suburbs to live in and related feedbacks about schools. We do not know much about life in Canberra but we would just like to live in a nice residencial area and I am not sure if it is relevant for a family to live close to the center: I would mind more about schooling, parks, playgorunds, sport centers, facilities and presence Italian families.

My children do not speak any English and I would also like to make it as easy as possible for them. I am sure my children will adapt very easy and quick but if I can find some Italian speaking children to share some time I would feel more confident and less ... guilty.

I would like to thank everyone in advance and looking forward to take part to the Canberra comunity. Any feedback, opinion and suggestion is welcome.


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